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Honeycomb Essence

Under The Sea Candle 𓇼

Under The Sea Candle 𓇼

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This year's summer candle theme is Under The Sea 𓇼 

Each candle is topped with an opalite dolphin, a mini fluorite octopus and a moss agate sea turtle. Candles are created within beautiful iridescent/holographic glass vessels. Each candle contains 14 ounces of soy wax that is infused with mica powder and biodegradable eco glitter, making your candle sparkle as it burns. Comes with a pair of bamboo tongs to remove crystals from the wax. Choose your favorite scent and jar color!

Seaside Cotton: A beautiful blend of fresh ocean air and clean cotton.

Sea Salt Blossom: A lovely floral blend of beach lily, magnolia blossom and salt water mist.

Tropical Coast: A tropical fruit blend from the heavens: coconut, pineapple and a hint of orange zest.

About this candle:

𓇼  handmade 14 ounce candle

𓇼  100% natural, clean burning soy wax

𓇼 non toxic, phthalate-free fragrance

𓇼 pure cotton wicks

𓇼 natural mica powder (for sparkle effect)

𓇼 biodegradable eco glitter

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