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Honeycomb Essence

Obsidian Moon Crystal Candle

Obsidian Moon Crystal Candle

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Gold Sheen Obsidian Moon Candle comes in two gorgeous colored candle vessels. Each candle contains 14 ounces of soy wax that's infused with mica powder and biodegradable eco glitter that will make your candle sparkle as it burns. Comes with a pair of bamboo tongs to remove crystals from the wax. Choose your favorite scent/color combo!

 Purple Vessel with Lilac & Lavender Scent: Comes with mini gold sheen obsidian moon, amethyst mini double point, amethyst tumble and chips.

 Green Vessel with Pine Forest Scent: Comes with mini gold sheen obsidian moon, green aventurine mini double point, green aventurine tumble and chips.

More about this candle:

 handmade 14 ounce candle

 100% natural, clean burning soy wax

 non toxic, phthalate-free fragrance

 pure cotton wicks

 natural mica powder (for sparkle effect)

 biodegradable eco glitter

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