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Honeycomb Essence

Crystal Candle Centerpiece: Lavender & Lilac

Crystal Candle Centerpiece: Lavender & Lilac

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One of a kind crystal candle centerpiece made and decorated by hand. This beautiful candle is an enormous 56 ounces of soy wax, made inside of a glass vessel with a gold honeycomb base. Features a calm, clean, floral scent of lavender & lilac. This candle's hand picked crystals include: a polished rainbow fluorite slab, a fluorite heart, two raw clear quartz points of varying sizes, and clear quartz & amethyst chips. Topped with dried florals. Comes with a pair of compostable bamboo tongs to remove crystals from the wax.

Fluorite is known for cleansing & balancing energy both physically and mentally, great for increasing concentration.

Clear Quartz is the crystal of clarity and can amplify your intentions.

Amethyst represents purification and connection to the divine. Great to use during meditation to connect to inner wisdom and higher consciousness.

Vessel measures 6 in diameter x 6 in height. 

☼ handmade 56 ounce candle

☼ 100% natural, clean burning soy wax

☼ non toxic, phthalate-free fragrance

☼ pure cotton wicks

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