Honeycomb Essence is a single woman-owned and operated business by me, Irene! Hi, it's a pleasure having you here. I've always had a strong love for art and creating ever since I was young and fast forward years later, I ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY New Paltz. Creating is something I’ve always been so passionate about. I love that the process of making art, whatever kind it is, is greatly meditative. When I created Honeycomb Essence, I wanted to share a similar experience through the products I’m creating for my customers. Honeycomb Essence candles are made to encourage mindfulness for its consumers. From the natural, calming aromas paired with the hand picked crystals and natural botanicals, each candle is meant to bring appreciation, awareness and stillness to the otherwise mindless act of lighting a candle. 

Honeycomb Essence candles are created with the idea of them to be used as more than just a pleasant-smelling home decor item, but also as a mindfulness tool that can make meditation less intimidating. It begins with the candle lighting: setting intentions, sharing gratitude or speaking words of affirmation during the lighting of the candle, then focusing your gaze on the sparkling, melting wax, and taking in the aromas enveloping you to bring your attention from your mind to your body. Following this process allows for you to remain present in the moment for the duration of the candle lighting, or at least a portion of it, and can assist in amplifying relaxation and decreasing stress. 

I'm grateful to have you here, sending love your way. 

xoxo Irene